Some of our work

Whether we make a logo, a web or a book, we think in context.
We keep the idea and style uniform, we take note of details.
Design is our passion.


Alena Fialová – Plzeň Turismus
Alena Fialová – Plzeň TurismusHead of Destination Development
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Our cooperation with WOOP Design is always smooth and efficient. I especially appreciate the quick communication, flexibility and meeting deadlines. We have created a successful collection of souvenirs "With the soul of Pilsen" and we have been working together on the presentation of the Industry Open project for a long time. I believe that Luďek and Štěpán have taken it to heart as much as I have, and we still have a lot of work to do together to build this brand.
MUDr. Jiří Klečka, Ph.D – Urocentrum Plzeň
MUDr. Jiří Klečka, Ph.D – Urocentrum Plzeň
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My profession is a doctor, urologist. The presentation on the web, where the doctor informs about the range of his/her procedures and operational information, is also important for the operation of the clinic. The website is also monitored by health insurance companies. In the past, I had a website created abroad. It was fully functional, but rather cluttered and overwhelmed with information. I actually met WOOP because of my profession and it was a timely encounter. I knew I needed to change the website to make it user-friendly and responsive to the current situation in the healthcare facility. The guys at WOOP knew exactly how to do it. All it took was 4 online meetings and the site was up and running. Simple, easy to navigate with staff control so that patients have up-to-date information. The WOOP guys were professional and a pleasure to work with. For my part, I fully recommend this company if anyone decides to create or change www.
Ondřej Horák – Triant
Ondřej Horák – TriantStore Manager,, Průhonice, Kutná Hora
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WOOP has been managing online campaigns for us for several years and they have also created a new website for us. We are very satisfied with the cooperation. In the existence of TRIANT, we have tried many different larger and smaller agencies and freelancers, but it was never quite the right fit. We were too small for the big agencies and their services were impersonal. For freelancers, we struggled with reliability and narrow focus. It wasn't until WOOP that we found a balance and I find their services ideal for small businesses. I can turn to them for everything around graphic design, web management and marketing.
Zuzana Pendyková – Novem
Zuzana Pendyková – NovemHR manager,, City of Touškov
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Working with you, WOOP, is always fast, professional and innovative. You have helped us get into a whole other dimension of recruitment (social networks where we are not allowed to advertise directly). I also really appreciate the advice and approach to my sometimes naive queries. It would be great if all service providers were on the same level as you
Angelina Veliká – Gregory, Plzeň
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We greatly appreciate the professional approach of Mr. Kovařík and Mr. Černý, who helped us to significantly improve our website. The very helpful approach has helped even in very difficult issues of solving problems on the site. Mr. Kovařík and Mr. Černý always found the best solution that was the most acceptable then both for us and for our valuable clients and thus a clear website could be created, which according to the reviews, fully satisfies the customers. We are happy to have been able to establish such a great cooperation that continues to this day and we hope that it will continue in the future so that we can continue to improve continuously.

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